Women & Girls Series: On Femininity & ADHD

“We are gazelle and doe, elephant and whale, lilies and roses and peach, we are air, we are flame, we are oyster and pearl, we are girls. We are woman and nature. And he says he cannot hear us speak.
But we hear.”
-Susan Griffin, “Prologue” of Woman and Nature.
Thrive with ADHD: Grant Weherley, Co-Founder of Control My ADHD.
Once upon a time a young woman was completely unable to function in a school setting, and then when she graduated she proceeded to struggle even worse in the daily demands of punctuality and organization involved in her job. Sound like a familiar story? Her name is Shannon and she is my sister.

Girls, Women, Femininity, and ADHD (a new blog series!)
Too often when I seek out resources on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), I come across stories of children, adolescents, and grown men who have struggled with the symptoms of ADHD. But what of we women?

 The Legend of the Mermaid : Believe in Your Differences
Recently I turned to Fulghum’s essay “The Mermaid” and was charmed by the anecdote about the small child who in a game of Giants, Wizards, and Dwarfs asked, in all sincerity, “Where do the Mermaids stand?” (pg.73) If you’re familiar with this camp game, you already know that, unfortunately, there are no Mermaids included on the team roster...

Celebrate Your Mentors this Mother's Day!
Happy Mother's Day to all of you mentors who have been patient with raising, teaching, and cheering on us young sprites! "Thank you," can never be said enough. In celebration, here are a few posts that ADDvocate your guidance as well as my mother, New York psychologist Mary Jo Wilson PhD....

ADHD, Body Image, and Eating Disorders
With research suggesting that ADHD affects more boys than girls, it’s no wonder that so little information is available on how it affects on the "fairer sex." While many boys and grown men suffer with eating disorders, I want to focus this post on struggles with body image, food, and nutrition, and their impact on girls and women.

Missrepresentation and Women in the Media
Growing up is series of struggles for members of both genders. Many women, however, can pinpoint a certain year or even a day when they stopped being the youthful kids on the playground and became aware of their reflections.

Girls and Women with ADHD: Cheeky Girls and the Capacity to Tackle New Challenges
I like to believe that we ADHD’rs readily embrace this idea. After all, by nature we are playful pans whose lifelong struggle centers on the restricting of childlike excitement, energy, and inattention in favor of more sensible--albeit unnatural--behaviors and tendencies...

Women and Girls with ADHD: Rapunzel, a Disney Princess with ADHD.
When I went on a father-daughter date to see Disney’s Tangled in theaters last year, I, even as an adult, found myself identifying with the curious, outspoken, and (at times) petulant character of Rapunzel...

The Damage of Mis(s)perception
Whenever I come across a video like this, I do my best to share it with the women and girls in my life. Often we are our harshest critics, nitpicking over freckles, lines, bumps, breaks, and bruises–the changes that shame our bodies over time.