ADHD Rumors

ADHD is NOT...
A handicap.
The result of poor parenting.
For underachievers.
A learning disability.
A choice.
For kids alone.
A sign of bad morals (or manners).
Determined by the will of the individual.
Those who tell you otherwise can be filed away with the traditional teachers who berate you in class, say you aren’t as intelligent as your peers, publicly shame you, refuse to value your strengths, treat you like you’re less-than, and dismiss taking the time to help understand your differences.

ADHD is…
A learning difference.
A variation in brain-chemistry.
A beneficial adaptation.
A creative force.
A community.
Be an ADDvocate. Tell your friends. Inform your teachers. Spread understanding and empathy.
“90% of adults who have the condition don’t know it! If they did know it, they could transform their lives from lives of struggle, underachievement, and turmoil to lives of joy, fulfillment, and success. Regardless of whether the person is a child as young as five or an adult as old as eighty-five, the diagnosis of ADD can change a life dramatically for the better. As impairing as ADD can be in untreated, it can be hugely gratifying to get it treated.”
-Edward M. Hallowell, M.D. Driven to Distraction (pg xvi).