The Seven Deadly Sins (& how they relate to ADHD)

Wrath & the Impulsive Temper
The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “wrath” as “strong vengeful anger or indignation,” with “indignation” explained as “anger aroused by something unjust, unworthy, or mean.” For many ADHD’rs, they are the “unjust, unworthy, or mean.” When you’re born with a “difference,” it’s difficult to escape childhood without feeling less-than...

Envy vs. Self-Awareness
"''When I see a man my own age in great shape, and I feel all conflicted, wishing I were that thin and yet at the same time wanting to lick him, is that jealousy or is that appreciation?'
-Anne Lamott on her “slightly overweight alcoholic gay Catholic priest,” Bird by Bird (pg.127)..." 

Gluttony & the ADHD Diet
"When I was a baby, my nickname was “Buddha Belly.” I loved to eat. My pooch hung far beyond my diaper like an inflated kangaroo pouch. And as my mom tells it, my first hard food was not one but two peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches. (I kept whimpering until she gave me both packed lunches.)..."

Pride & the ADHD Personality
“The longer I live the more I see that I am never wrong about anything, and that all the pains that I have so humbly taken to verify my notions have only wasted my time.”
-George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950), Irish playwright, author, and critic.

Lessons Learned from the Three-Toed Sloth 
Apathy, idleness, unexcitability … these are qualities that those of us with ADHD rarely embody.
The last time I lay around all day, watching TV and idly surfing Funny Or Die, I had strep throat, was sunk under a ten-day cycle of Amoxicillin, and literally couldn’t sit up. Sick days are the most slothful I partake in simply because on normal days, at peak energy, lazing around is not only boring, it’s painful...

Lust & Other Drugs 
As I mention in the post "Driven by Dopamine: The ADHD Brain", ADHD’rs gravitate to high stimulus activities. Anything from writing to motorcycling to sky diving that releases dopamine, a chemical responsible for reward-driven learning. Kissing, sex, and other passionate activities also shine in this category...

Greed or a Thirst for Life?
To conclude our Seven Deadly Sins series, let's turn our attentions to the unquenchable and the hoggish. Ah, greed. The parasite of consumer culture...