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#WhatShouldWeCallMe: Top 10 GIFs and ADHD
I have a confession to make. I absolutely love the Tumblr blog #WhatShouldWeCallMe. During my afternoon slump, it gives me the burst of energy (and laughter) I need to power through the end of the day. If you have yet to hear of this delightful blog, here is how the sensation of What Should We Call Me got its start...
What is ADHD? (A Photo Montage)
The internet has been taken by yet another storm. Posters of "What My Friends Think I Do vs. What I Actually Do" are cropping up across the blogosphere (as well as Facebook newsfeeds). In honor, I give you ADHD...

Top Ten Cartoons with ADHD
"Last Sunday's post explains how literature promotes self-understanding. The same is true for movies and tv shows. Even cartoons can offer insight into human behavior. As I reflect on the characters I loved as a kid, it seems there's one thing they have in common: the spirit of ADHD..."

ADHD Superpowers
"As fish evolved gills to breathe, we super children evolved the ability to adapt to difficult situations. I love learning about evolutionary origins. How cool is it that our fears, habits, and behaviors took root because they benefitted survival? For example..."

Follow up: Another ADHD Superpower
"Hyper Attentive (Wo)Man: Considering the social connotations of ADHD, “heightened attention” may seem counter-intuitive. After all, people with ADHD are known for their bonkers energy and inability to concentrate on anything for an extended period of time. But this is not always the case..."
Rapunzel, a Disney Princess with ADHD.When I went on a father-daughter date to see Disney’s Tangled in theaters last year, I, even as an adult, found myself identifying with the curious, outspoken, and (at times) petulant character of Rapunzel...