May 2013: Have Questions About ADD / ADHD? Vote in Our Poll!

Curious about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder? Is there a topic you'd like to see more of at Living, Learning, & Writing with ADHD?

I always love hearing from you guys! I hope to cater this blog to you and your questions by hearing about what you find most interesting and helpful. So check out the poll on your right and cast your vote.

I've included links below to help you choose which to vote for:
  1. ADDaptations: Habits & Lifestyle Changes
  2. ADHD in Relationships/Friendships
  3. Fun Activities for ADHD'rs
  4. Nutrition & Other Healthful Tips
  5. Women & Girls with ADHD
  6. Men & Boys with ADHD
  7. Pop Culture: ADHD Superpowers/Cartoons/Celebrities etc.
  8. Children with ADHD

Did I leave out a topic? If so, comment below or send me a note at WriteToJulianna.

Happy spring, fellow Monkey Minds!


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