Nutrition: Snack On this Delivery Service!

Many of the posts here at Living, Learning, and Writing with ADHD focus on how nutrition and physical fitness improve the negative symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. We ADHD'rs can be restless, distracted, impatient, and yes, edgy. But we can also learn to temper these feelings and behaviors.

I am often struck by how much diet and hunger affect my mood. Go a few hours without noshing and not only am I famished, but I sense a honey badger tone sneaking into my voice.

If I find my purse empty of granola bars, Friends and family members are the first to ask, "Do we need a snack break?"

Yes, yes we do. I am proud to proclaim that I haven't grown out of this elementary school habit. Snack breaks keep my energy up and my mind primed for focus.

While there are many options when it comes to snacking, I had to share a company that has made it even easier: Graze: Nature Delivered. Focused on "inventing snacks that [taste] good and [are] healthy for you," Graze delivers snack options that are nutritional and unique for a good price. Nope, I'm not paid to endorse these guys, but I like their philosophy and that they're trying to bring a service into our homes. If nothing else, browsing their selection of eats will help inspire your own healthy snack ideas.

What is your favorite snack?