ADDaptations: Outdoor Adventures for Adults with Energy and Spunk

                                                                            Happy first day of spring, everyone!

Here in New York it’s still too brisk for flip-flops and capris, so let’s look ahead to warmer spring days, when we’ll be able to truly enjoy the outdoors. A true-blue ADHD'r, I am always looking out for activities that will soak up my extra energy. As a kid, my parents enrolled me in sport teams, camp, and other athletics to keep my days scheduled, my mind busy, and my body exhausted by bedtime. As an adult, I’ve had to make time for such physical activities. Unfortunately, this can be difficult with a full-time job and a social calendar devoted to friends and family. Let's see what I've come up with...

The Polar Bear Run in Central Park (circa February 2013).
5Ks for Kids at Heart
I often turn social occasions into physical activities. For instance, my post “ADDaptations: Exercise Your Way to Calm” features photos from last summer’s The Color Run, in which my friends and I participated in a 5k in Brooklyn. Blasted with colored chalk at every 1k, we cheered, chatted, sang, and ran our way to the finish line. And this year, we’re anticipating another 5k at the Electric Run New York. So get involved! After all, these types of 5Ks take place all of the country...
Other races include: Tough Mudder (for the action hero in all of us!), Spartan Race, The Freshpair Underwear Run, The Twinkie Run, and The Turkey Trot.
Catch Up Over Coffee Dinner Drinks Outdoor Expeditions!
Living in New York can be expensive. Between rent, nights out, and grocery bills, my friends and I often find ourselves wincing at our monthly credit card statements. So why not make catch ups with friends free and mobile? You can often find my friend Elle and I blazing paths through Central Park. These strolls are our time to chat, escape the indoors, and stay active. Plus, they cost zip! Nada! Absolutely nothing. How’s that for being thrifty?
G.N.O? Or Girls' Night in the Park?
If you live outside a city—or somewhere that’s a bit more outdoor-friendly than New York (re: D.C., Chicago, Boston, Seattle, San Fran)—you can even meet a friend at a lake, beach, or mountain. I’m still investigating the hiking trails around New York City, so if you have any suggestions please comment below or sent me a note at WriteToJulianna.
Extracurricular Post/Pre-Work Activities
Once in the real world, after-school activities are a thing of the past—or are they? Sites like Living Social, Groupon, Blood, Sweat, and Cheers, and Zog Sports are getting us active again. After all, who isn't nostalgic for those years orange wedges, gatorade, and travel games?
Throw those contracts to the wind...and go play ball!
I bet wherever you live there’s an athletic complex that offers adult sports teams and classes. On nights at Chelsea Piers, I love leaving the gymnastics area as the soccer, hockey, and basketball teams are letting out. It reminds me of my years spent at The Dalton School’s gymnasium.
(For Rainy Days) Transform the Gym into an Indoor Camp
Despite the groans and moans I hear from others, I relish my time at the gym. It’s my hour to throw in earbuds and disappear into my thoughts (…while gaining some endorphins in the process!).

On a rainy night in Prague...
Although this is not an outdoor activity, the gym can be a great place for rainy spring days. Between kick-boxing, Zumba, yoga, cardio machines, and the pool (I’m fortunate that my health club has one!), you can turn any Saturday into a full day of adult camp. Just invite a friend or two for company and laughs, and sign up for the strangest classes you can find. And if your friends don’t belong to your gym, most offer inexpensive day passes or trial memberships that they can take advantage of.

Dance Your Fanny Off at Outdoor Concerts
Raising me in her image, my mom, Mary Jo Wilson PhD, had me in ballet and tap shoes before I could tie my laces. Throughout my young adulthood, afternoons were spent at the dance studio (although—true to my spunky spirit—I had switched over to Jazz and Hiphop by then). These days, it’s difficult to find time for extra activities. Even ones that I’ve loved for decades. Similar hours spent catching-up with friends, however, dance can also be turned into a social activity. And this form of dance doesn’t have the effeminate conations that some ascribe to it.

What is this magical solution? Outdoor concerts, of course!
Well, this was an indoor one. But you get the picture!
Although I love Folk and Classical jams, let’s set aside these genres for a moment to focus on Rock, Pop, Electronic, Hip hop, and yes, even Jazz. These types of upbeat, heart-pounding music will exercise your lungs, and your body. Simply rally a group of high-energy individuals, set off for your local outdoor stage, and lose your inhibitions for a few hours. What better way to get in your daily workout than by spending time with friends (and belting out your favorite lyrics)?

Lost for which concerts to check out? Browse through these websites to get your creative juices flowing… Timeout, TicketMaster, LiveNation, Pollstar, Eventful, Songkick, and Gruvr.
Need more outdoor activities to try?
...finally outsmart that windmill. 
...rent one or bring your own. 
…for a more leisurely afternoon. 
...let’s bring this back in style! 
Scavenger Hunts
...after all, Easter egg hunts aren't only for kids. 
...in your local park or at a nearby mountain. Who cares if you look a little silly? 
Man Hunt
...my favorite of course! Get your friends together for this childhood game, or for one of the others we've long forgotten (Hide and Go Seek, Capture the Flag, Red Rover, Tag). Who said growing up meant leaving behind childhood fun?