ADDaptations: Exercise Your Way to Calm

...and thus begins a new series of blog posts!

ADDaptations will feature ways to adapt our lifestyles, behaviors, and routines in order to thrive with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Similar to the post "ADD / ADHD Super Children: How to Develop Your Inner Powers," we'll look at the unique ways our bodies and minds work, and how to transform specific struggles into strengths.

I didn't realize how important exercise and physical activities were to my wellbeing until I caught a bout of the flu this winter. Confined to my bed, I couldn't set off on the runs that normally help to stabilize my energy. In fact, it had been so long since I had taken a break from physical activities (dance, gymnastics, running, swimming, bowling, football etc...you name it!) that I had forgotten how my hyper energy takes over when I'm sedentary.

At the Color Run in New York City circa 2012.

After a week in bed, I noticed physical changes in my behaviors. My heels were tapping, my hands were fidgeting, my legs felt "jumpy," ideas were springing in all directions, and I could talk fast enough to read product disclaimers. Unlike the strengths that come with ADHD, these were signs that my energies had come unbalanced. Of course, my mind was already foggy because of the flu, but I also found it difficult to organize my thoughts.

I knew the culprit, of course... All of the energy that I usually expelled through physical activity was still pent up inside me. Thankfully, the flu eventually came to an end. And with it, I threw on my Vibram five-finger shoes and headed out on the run my body was so desperate for. At it's end, awash with endorphins, I felt my body's rhythms  stabilize. In one brief hour, I had tempered my demons.

This trial reminded me of how important exercise and physical activities are to our well being. Not only are they healthful, but they also encourage that calm center within ourselves.

How do you ADDapt to your ADHD? What problems do you struggle with? Comment below or send me a note at WriteToJulianna. Together, we'll work on changing how these difficulties affect our lives.

...and if you're still sunk under a bout of flu. Check out my last post, "The Woes of Getting Sick with ADHD (& How to Boost Your Immune System)" for helpful tips to get your back up and running again.