My Wish for You: New Years Resolutions for 2013

To be honest, by the time January 1 hits I’ve usually forgotten to brainstorm this annual gift to myself.

For me, 2012 was a year of good fortune. I am grateful for the friendships I’ve built, the family I've kept close, and for my ever nearing goal of becoming a published author. With each passing day, I feel my characters deepening and their stories strengthening. On good days, I discover words flowing from my fingertips to reveal life truths that I’ve never considered before.

Yes, there are bad days. I doubt. I brood. I panic. I dread. But when the rains clear, I am thankful for the world that enfolds around me. It's one I could only dream of as a small kid playing make believe.

While growing up with ADHD, I wasn’t much different than I am today. I reveled in solitary hours immersed in my imagination. I looked forward to afternoons on the playground with friends. I hungered for activities and exercise. I listened and observed, when all others saw was a dreamy kid circling the classroom. I shared feelings with my mother that I had never told another soul. But I also bit my nails over past mistakes and shortcomings.

For better or for worst, I was born with a desire to do better. Edit sentences that don’t pack a punch. Right errors I’ve made in the past. Explore parts of human life that I’ve never had the courage to before. I strive to always improve, in terms of my craft, my relationships, and my life.

I think the ambition to do, to create, to develop, and to reinvent is inherent in all of us, and especially those of us with ADHD. After all, we are do-ers. That is our gift. It’s a rare day that you find an us sitting on the couch, twiddling our thumbs. Instead, we are performingcooking, running, learning, observing, theorizing, building houses, winning Olympic medals, and/or, if we're lucky and can afford it, exploring the world (as I hope to continue to do).*

But in between these activities, we must also allow ourselves to slow down. We must accept that what we've done or at least striven for is enough.

That is what I wish for this New Years, to allow myself more breaths in between. An extra hour of sleep. Or a walk around the block in the afternoon. It seems like a simple concept to unplug, but for those of us with a temperament like mine, you know it's more complicated than that.

What do you wish for in the new year? What would benefit your life, and give you peace of mind?

*If you haven’t already, click through these links to see what great explorers and minds ADHD has produced!