Election Day 2012: Cast Your Ballot, Have a Voice!

It's all about the members.

Whether you're too young to vote or have been casting your ballot for decades, Election Day stands for more than the nomination of our next president: the right to a voice.

As a middle schooler with ADHD, I often gave up that privilege, believing (wrongly, may I add) that my opinions weren't as valuable my classmates'. While everyone is liable to answer questions incorrectly, if you're too shy to speak up you concede your chance to contribute, and perhaps develop into the person whose opinion others can learn from. In past posts, we've explored ADHD'rs feelings of unbelonging ("The Legend of the Mermaid: Believe in Your Differences"), but we've also learned how creative and adventurous those of us with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can be ("ADD/ADHD Super Children: How to Develop Your Inner Powers"). Your unique way of approaching the world leads to discoveries that can be shared by no one but you. Embrace them.

With two vastly different candidates before us, we face the possibility of two very different Americas. Fortunately, as members of a democracy, we can help determine that future. So grab your ballot or hold the hand of your mother/father as she/he steps into the voting booth, and join us in ushering in these next four years.

With kindness and ADDitude,