Oceanside Reflections: Who Knew You Could Get Wifi on the Beach?

My oceanside writer's desk.
Despite my monkey mind, with all of its curiosities that often lead me to new landscapes, activities, friends, and ideas, what remains constant is the written word. No matter what I’m doing, where I am, or whom I’m with, I find that my reflections, although unique in their content, are the baseline from which take leaps or descend into foreign depths. Over the years, the stability of mind that writing offers me has become the mental equivalent of what one might feel in terms of physical space as one ventures to and from home.

From the beach to wherever may roam this week, happy summer to all of you monkey minds out there! Continue to the keep your badger mind at bay and enjoy what I hope will be for you this last relaxing month of summer.

Gulliver, my Brussels Griffon, enjoying his first beach vacation!