The 7 Deadly Sins & ADHD: Greed or a Thirst for Life?

“Do not your inclinations tell you that the world is yours? Do you not covet all? Do you not long to have it; to enjoy it; to overcome it? To what end do men gather riches, but to multiply more? Do they not like Pyrrhus the King of Epire, add house to house and lands to lands, that they might get it all?”
-Thomas Traherne (1636-1674); English poet and clergyman.
The Seven Deadly Sins, Selected and arranged by Steven Schwartz (pg. 104)
To conclude our Seven Deadly Sins series, let's turn our attentions to the unquenchable and the hoggish. Ah, greed. The parasite of consumer culture.

For the average person with ADHD, this deadly sin takes on a unique form. ADHD’rs devour the world. We feast on novelty and experience, we hunger for activity. Similar to gluttons, we eagerly indulge our senses.

Ideas and goals collect in our minds like coins in a miser’s pocket. The problem with being open to new experiences is that we haven’t the time or organization to fit them all into our busy schedules. This is one reason that we earn the stereotype of being at best dreamers and at worst procrastinators.

We must choose where our time and energy is best placed and move forward with those endeavors. The post “Time Management Strategies: Accomplish Daily Tasks and Life Goals” will direct you to a method that helps to categorize your life goals by their immediacy and then constructs them in a manageable pyramid. Such life structuring is helpful for the greedy parts of us that constantly seek out new activities and life experiences.

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Sometimes the best cure for managing our overzealous nature is sitting back & soaking in the scenery.