Time Management Strategies: Accomplish Daily Tasks and Life Goals

Throughout this blog, I suggest strategies to help readers manage their symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Time management is a trouble spot for many of us with ADHD. Often, prior to diagnosis and coaching, we monkey minded individuals flit from task to task without completing any on time or, in worse cases, at all.
Time Management Strategies: Take Time to Feed the Creative Tapeworm speaks to the creative talents that those of us with ADHD are predisposed to, and how to harness your ambitions (and time) in order to achieve your creative goals.

Surviving Middle School (and Life) with ADHD addresses problems with concentration and lists strategies to overcome hurdles with inattention.

Tips to Overcoming Procrastination with ADHD offers more tools to help those of us with ADHD limit our distractions and focus on projects at hand.
In addition to these posts, I am pleased to offer up steps to limit procrastination and achieve your goals on a macro level. A dear friend passed along this blog post from LifeHacker.com. As I read through it, I knew that it would be helpful to other ADHD'rs who, like myself, harbor a menagerie of diverse goals . "Focus Your Ambitions with the Lifehacker Hierarchy of Goals" by Thorin Klosowski addresses day-to-day goals, but also the feats that you'd like to achieve over the course of your lifetimes. It condenses these goals into a visual pyramid and then breaks that down into the following five levels. From there, readers are instructed on "How to Use Your Pyramid to Weed Out Junk and Accomplish Your Goals."

Level 1: The Primary Goals
Level 2: Long Term Goals
Level 3: Short Term Goals
Level 4: Recurring Goals
Level 5: Immediate Goals

Check out the post from Lifehacker here.

The quote on the cover of my creative binder, which I use to organize my ideas and future projects.