Populate Your Mental Landscape: Surround Yourself with Positive Influences

In life, we’re often told to…

...featuring my Brussels Griffon puppy, Gulliver.

I am a strong believer in this positive affirmation. Hecks, even Oprah has her own spin on it…

With a butterfly in New York's Central Park.
I often think of this as populating your mental landscape. After all, the people you surround yourself with are also the ones you hold in your thoughts, hopes, fears, frustrations, and dreams. One of the reasons why I love writing stories for tweens is the vitality that emerges at that time of life. By nature these characters arrive without defenses, with their faults and strengths lain bare for all of the world to judge, mold, and manipulate.

Too often we settle for people who drain rather than nurture us. This is not to say that relationships, in whatever form they take (friendships, kinships, mentorships etc…), don’t take work. They do, and you should put in the effort to foster them, but also stay conscious of the positive and negative energies that you welcome into your daily life. After all, these are people you ingest and which transform (and then are transformed by) your thoughts and action. In a way, human connection is its own type of organic magic. Be sensitive to yours.

When was the last time you accepted someone new into your life? How did this person change you for the better or the worse?