ADHD & Nutrition: Talking Recipes with Chocolate Covered Katie

Typical girls' night prior to my week of healthy baking.
I was perusing Pinterest for summer recipes when I stumbled upon Chocolate Covered Katie’s healthy dessert blog. An hour later, I got up from my writer's desk with handfuls of recipes that I was salivating to try (as you’ll see from this post as well as Katie’s blog, you can’t glance at her photographs without wanting to get involved).

I inherited the Wilson family sweet tooth from my father, who inherited it from his mother, and so on and so forth. The trouble with loving sweets, however, is that sugar, processed white flour, and the other ingredients included in tasty treats aren’t great for your mind or your body. In fact, they can be pretty detrimental to your health (see PsychologyToday.com’s page “Feed Your Brain” for more info). In addition, many additives in desserts actually hamper the focus that we ADHD’rs strive to maintain. With this in mind, I went to my local grocery store, stocked up on chickpeas (the base for many of her sweet morsels. Trust me. I was once wary of substituting beans for flour and coconut oil for olive/vegetable, but after a few of Katie's recipes, I'm officially a convert.) and embarked upon my adventure into healthy baking.

Several servings of Deep Dish Cookie Pie later, I approached “Chocolate Covered Katie” with a few questions about her blog, recipes, and health. Thankfully, she responded with the knowledge and upbeat attitude that I loved about her dessert blog.
You’re a true entrepreneur with your Chocolate Covered Katie dessert blog. Where did the idea for it come from?
I started a blog back in 2006, while I was a student at Bryn Mawr, simply to keep in touch with friends from Texas. As I wrote about my vegan adventures through Philly, other food bloggers found me and adopted me into their community.
If the idea of a “vegan” dessert catches you off guard. Just take a look at this Deep Dish Cookie Pie.
Or this Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bar.
What does a healthy diet mean to you? Are there any vitamins that you take to maintain a healthy lifestyle? What about physical activities?
I think being healthy is about listening to one’s body. If you want a cookie, eat the cookie! But often when you’re eating cookies it’s not because you truly desire that cookie. If you really listen to your internal hunger cues and nourish yourself with only the best-quality foods, that’s being healthy to me. I do take an Omega 3 pill and a B12 supplement, just for insurance. As for physical activities, I enjoy running recreationally; I don’t run myself to the point of exhaustion, and I believe exercise should be fun. (Then again, I force myself to lift weights a couple times a week even though I do NOT find that fun!)
I love the above quote from Katie. It speaks to managing one’s natural body rhythms and learning how to be your best self.
Your recipes seem to include mostly natural ingredients. Is this intentional?
Yes, I do try and keep the recipes pretty natural. I don’t know if people were designed to eat chemicals… I’d rather be safe than sorry! Also, foods sweetened with things like Aspartame used to give me headaches when I was younger, and I dislike the aftertaste.

What are the greatest health benefits that you experience from eating better?
My energy levels are through the roof!

ADHD's tend to benefit from a protein-rich diet, so it’s fortunate that many of your recipes include tofu and beans (both healthy sources of proteins!). What are you favorite protein-rich recipes?
I honestly don’t look at foods in terms of carbs or protein or calories, so I don’t actually pay attention to the protein content of my recipes. However, I do love my Chocolate Bar Pie (made with tofu). The High-Protein Mushroom Stroganoff is another favorite.
For your viewing pleasure... Chocolate Bar Pie

...and High Protein Mushroom Stroganoff.
Thank you to Chocolate Covered Katie for sharing her experiences and insights into healthy baking with us!

As for you, readers… How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle? Do you find that certain foods affect your mind and body for the better / worst? What about your concentration?

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When I was a baby, my nickname was “Buddha Belly.” I loved to eat. My pooch hung far beyond my diaper like an inflated kangaroo pouch. And as my mom tells it, my first hard food was not one but two peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches. (I kept whimpering until she gave me both packed lunches.)...