"What did you just say?" Hyperactive and other Explosive Thoughts

“We ADD types become like the Jim Carrey character in Liar Liar when he can’t lie. I remember in the fifth grade I noticed my math teacher’s hair in a new style and blurted out, ‘Mr. Cook, is that a toupee you’re wearing?’ I got kicked out of class.” 
-Edward M. Hallowell M.D., and John J. Ratey, M.D. Delivered from Distraction (pg. 25).

When I read this passage in Delivered from Distraction, I burst out laughing. It dredged up many memories of me putting my foot in my mouth and then struggling to extract it again. On one particular evening, I remember sitting beside my guy friend, turning to him and saying, “You smell like Easter.” He responded with a quirked eyebrow, clearly confused.

Parents, kids...please pardon the profanity.
You’ll get in trouble in school for your outbursts. You’ll elicit puzzled reactions from those who don’t understand your humor. You’ll have to learn when it’s appropriate and beneficial to let your explosive thoughts / commentary run rampant. But I actually really enjoy this playful side of ADHD. And from my experience, so do many people with ADHD.

I often joke that caffeine has the same affect on me as alcohol. What I mean by that is that coffee encourages my inhibitions to fall by the wayside and my explosive thoughts to reign. This effect is why I always have a cup of Joe beside me while writing stories. In order for me to delve into the depths of my protagonist, I need to be able to free associate with her/his feelings, history, and relationships. Interesting enough, whenever I attempt to utilize this strength while taking ADHD medication, my super power falls flat.

I presume that means the medication is working. After taking Ritalin, my mind tunnel focuses and ignores the random, albeit interesting, observations that usually *pop* to mind. ADHD medications work wonders for encouraging linear thinking, but in my experience, they hamper inspired thought.

In previous entries, I’ve written about how ADHD’rs are creatively inclined. Do you have similar or different experiences with medication affecting your creativity? If so, send me an email. I would love to hear more, if only to share how we make others tilt their heads in confusion. Also, when was the last time you put your foot in your mouth? And how did you yank it back out?

P.S. Do you ever wonder if bulldogs feel like the chubby kids in class?