"Playing Monkey’s Lullaby," a song about monkey mind by Caroline Cotter

Over the past few weeks, I received so many wonderful notes from friends who overcame inattention to pursue their dreams. Most recently, Caroline Cotter, a fellow Colby grad, wrote to me about overcoming our “condition.” She amended that she was about to write “problem,” but, like me, Caroline doesn’t view it as such.

"In the past five years, Caroline has recorded and self-produced 5 albums of all original material. Experiences in different countries and cultures have greatly influenced her life and work. Albums include: Back on the Train (2007), Pollyanna (2008), My American Mind (2009), Songs from India (2009), and Ruth and Harry & Other Stories (2010). Finally, feeling a pull back to New England, Caroline is enjoying settling in Southern Maine, close to family... and getting closer to home."-Caroline's bio

Here’s a song that Caroline wrote about the monkey mind while in India. Looks like I’m not the only one with ADD/ADHD who thinks there’s a monkey frolicking inside each of us! (Click through to listen to her beautiful voice)

Playing Monkey’s Lullaby
A playful bonobo at the Naples, FL Zoo.
Monkeys playing have more fun
The light and I are still not one
I dance around the meditation caves
and tell my mind it better behave
They're fancy free and tra la la
an empty head will take us far
well can't you teach me just to be
no its ok, not today
Swamiji sits like a rock
I twist my back towards 8 o'clock
I've still got monkeys playing see
its ok, not today
Monkeys playing have more fun
the light and I are still not one
but even playing monkeys see
the light that shines inside of me
so close your eyes and clear your mind
and find the peace you have inside
and let those monkeys go to sleep
no its ok, not today.

And his beautiful mate.

As always, I appreciate any feedback you can offer.