On my contempt for reading…

“Follow your bliss.”
–Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth.

I hate reading. At least, I used to hate reading. I would sit for hours puzzling over words, trying to understand something more complicated than my young brain could manage. I was an elementary school student with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Consequently, I loved writing. Before I learned to properly draw my “J”s (instead of backwards like rounded “L”s), my nature led me to dance, run, & sing while creating characters that were wholly real. They expressed my hopes, fears, concerns, and occasional revenge on the bullies who teased me, be they kids my age or unsympathetic teachers. I spent afternoons creating songs, poems, flipbooks from Post-It decks, picture books, plays, short stories, and by the time I reached middle school, novels. Writing offered concrete ways of expressing the “make believe” games I conjured alone in my living room.

Jump to present day. I've left behind my frustrations with reading to become a lover of literature, an Arts & Entertainment Editor, an English and Creative Writing Major, a college graduate with an Honors Thesis in young-adult literature, a producer of audiobooks, and at heart, a writer. My dream is to become a published author some day. While I write short stories, articles, screenplays, travel journals, and of course, those Post-It flipbooks, my heart is in the young-adult series that began as my Honors Thesis at Colby College. I hope to provide kids with accessible stories that ignite their imagination in ways that are also emotionally and psychologically true. That is my personal goal.

The goal of my blog is to offer a voice to those who are not always the best students, whose eyes wander distractedly over written words, who incite mischief, who can’t sit still long enough to organize a term paper but pour themselves into stories, be they written, drawn, acted, painted, or solely in your mind. We are underdogs who hope to affect the world in positive ways, when it seems so unconquerable.

My monkey mind is what drives my journey. It doesn’t always “sit” when I tell it to, but it fetches characters from unconscious depths and writes stories I didn’t know I could tell.

I hope you’ll follow along with us.